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Miguel Garriga, CEO:

Miguel has extensive hands-on experience with Esri GIS software, including ArcGIS Desktop, Pro, Online, Enterprise, and extensions. Miguel specializes in Transportation, Airports and Aviation, Market Analysis, and Cartography. He also has expertise in Redistricting, Disaster Management, and Conservation.

Miguel has experience spatially-enabling organizations that are new to GIS, as well as taking established GIS teams to the next level. Typical projects include spatially enabling data and integrating it with other sources as needed, then creating interactive maps, apps, graphs and dashboards to visualize the data.

Michael Wolf, COO

Michael has an MBA and a background in the trade show industry, including event production, office and service department management, warehouse and business inventory management. Michael has expertise in integrating business tables in Excel with ArcGIS Online to create business intelligence in the form of maps, apps, and analytics.