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Esri Certified ArcGIS Training


ArcGIS Desktop I:  Getting Started with GIS (2 days)

This Introductory course is a good choice for new users with little or no GIS experience, and for managers who need to know about GIS. This course covers the following topics: the Basics of GIS and Data Management, Data Compilation and Editing; Geographic Analysis; Mapping Layers and Scales; Data Attributes; Drawing and Labeling Features based on Attributes; Creating Map Layouts; Latitude and Longitude;  Cartesian Coordinate Systems; Map Projections and Distortions; Vector and Raster Data; Introduction to the Geodatabase; Feature Classes and Layers; GIS Data Sources; Managing GIS Data with ArcCatalog; Metadata; Attribute and Spatial Queries; Spatial Relationships, Overlays and Buffers; Solving Geographic Problems with ArcGIS.

ArcGIS Desktop II: Tools and Functionality  (3 days)

This Beginner to Intermediate course covers the following topics: ArcCatalog and ArcMap; GIS Data formats; Advantages of the Geodatabase; Map Layers and their Properties; Selection Layers, Layer Files, and Group Layers; Symbolizing Categorical and Quantitative Data; Symbology, Symbol Styles and the Style Manager; Symbol Classification Methods; Labels and Annotation; Spatial Reference, Coordinate Systems, Datums, Map Projections and Transformations; Working with Unknown Coordinate Systems; Layouts and Map Templates; Managing Tables, Cardinality, Joins and Relates; Editing Features and Attributes; Editing Coincident Geometry; Creating Geodatabases and Feature Classes; Organizing Geodatabases; Metadata; Creating Features; Geocoding and Address Locators; Add XY Tool; Solving Spatial Problems with Queries and Analysis; Overlays: Union and Intersect; Customizing ArcGIS Desktop.

ArcGIS Desktop III: GIS Workflows and Analysis  (2 days)

This course is suitable for Intermediate to Advanced ArcGIS users.  Topics covered include:  Review of  Geodatabases, Creating, Importing, and Loading data into Geodatabases; Geodatabase Behavior and Validation through Domains, Subtypes, and Topology;  Editing features with Geodatabase Behaviors; Spatial Adjustment and Georeferencing; ArcToolbox; Managing Geoprocessing Tools and Settings; Creating Models with Model Builder; and Using ArcGIS for Analysis.  The new section on Model Builder gives you the background you need to start automating your geoprocessing tasks with models.

Working with ArcGIS Spatial Analyst  (3 days)
Instructor: Lisa Pierce

Building raster databases. Comparing raster and feature themes. Registration and Georeferencing, Interpolating Surfaces from Sample Points. Spatial Models and Surface Analysis, Contours, Hill Shading, Visibility Analysis, Surface Hydrology.

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