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Custom Training

Choose from our Geodatabase or Cartography courses, or let us build a custom training program to suit your needs, from beginner to advanced. 

We can provide training over the internet to suit your schedule and budget.

Using ArcGIS with Geodatabases (1 day)

Take advantage of the full power of ArcGIS by using Geodatabases. There is a lot of functionality in ArcGIS that only works with Geodatabases, not Shapefiles.  This course covers everything you need to know about the Geodatabase, so you can convert your existing data from Shapefiles, CAD files, and Coverages. You will learn about advanced functionality in ArcGIS that works only with Geodatabases, including Domains, Subtypes, Annotation, Dimensions, Relationship Classes, Topology, and Geometric Networks.

Cartography Using ArcGIS (1 day)

This course covers the fundamental mechanics and practical considerations of using ArcGIS for Cartography.  Specific topics covered in this course include: Principles of Map Design, Data Driven Map Production, Database Design for Cartography, Organizing Layers and Attributes for Mapping, Managing Symbology, Labels and Annotation, Using Imagery in Maps, Producing Map Books and Map Series, and Advanced Mapping Concepts such as Generalization, Multiple Feature Representation, Map Update and Database Update.

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